Choosing a recruitment partner

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Credits: Marjaana Malkamäki / Keksi

Recruitment partners can significantly ease employers' hiring burdens.

You do not need to manage your international recruitment process alone. Many employers use additional recruitment services.

Choose the recruitment partner that suits your company’s purposes and needs. Common additional services are provided by operators such as recruitment companies that charge a fee for their services. Public services also provide support for recruitment, and their services are usually partially or completely free of charge. 

Public services 

When recruiting foreign employees, important services are provided by, for example, Work in Finland, Business Finland, the ELY Center, the Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices), the EURES network, as well as the Tax Administration and the Finnish Immigration Service

Credits: Markus Pentikäinen / Keksi

Credits: Markus Pentikäinen / Keksi

Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers 


Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers assists employers in matters related to the recruitment of foreign employees. Employers receive information about official proceedings, employing foreign talent, residence permits, and matters related to settling in. 


TE Services 


As part of Work in Finland, the TE Services can help employers to find an employee abroad, arrange training in the country of origin, and provide training to support an international work community




The European EURES network and its experts can acquaint employers with the labor markets of different countries, help in finding partners, and provide guidance for foreign employees arriving in Finland. EURES experts can even handle a part of the recruitment process on behalf of the employer. Please contact the Finnish EURES experts. The employer can post a Europe-wide job advertisement in the EURES Job Mobility Portal. You can submit the advertisement on the Job Market Finland website

Credits: Marjaana Malkamäki / Keksi

Credits: Marjaana Malkamäki / Keksi

Credits: Markus Pentikäinen / Keksi

Credits: Markus Pentikäinen / Keksi

TE Live 


The live broadcasts in the recruitment channel bring together employers and job applicants. The employer can, for example, present its vacancies, tell job applicants about the organization, and search for a suitable candidate in recruitment broadcasts specific to a certain sector or company. The live broadcasts are arranged by the TE Services. 


For inspiration, watch Metatavu’s recruitment broadcast. You can get subtitles in English from the subtitles or settings icon at the bottom of the video.



With the IMAGO coaching service, companies can develop their employer image, recruitment skills, and leadership skills for managing diverse personnel. Practical tips and concrete tools on offer! The service is free of charge and open to all companies operating in Finland. IMAGO is offered by the TE Services. 

Private services 

The services of skilled recruitment companies are valuable because of the experience and know-how they have in international recruitment. For example, they are aware of the most important sector-specific recruitment channels in the countries of origin. They can also arrange language training in Finland for your company’s specific needs. They have many useful recruiting tools available. 


At its best, a recruitment partner can significantly relieve the employer’s burden and take care of the lion’s share of the entire recruitment process from the job advertisement to interviews. Even if the organization purchases a turnkey service, it is still responsible for the orientation of the employee and its statutory obligations. 


Partners are also available for proceedings concerning relocation and authorities, cultural coaching, or help with the long-term engagement of employees. Recruitment partners can help you out, whether you plan to recruit one or several employees, or for project work or for a permanent job. The companies are also used to working quickly. 


When choosing a partner, it is important to discuss your wishes regarding the candidates carefully and to agree in detail upon the content and price of the recruitment company’s services. Ask for recommendations and experiences from other companies in the industry and your networks! 


Our website contains a list of reliable private recruitment companies operating in Finland. All listed operators have a Reliable Partner certification. If your company offers international recruitment services and you would like it to be listed on the site, register your company as a service provider

International recruitment guide 

Check out our comprehensive International recruitment guide. The guide offers detailed information, instructions, and links for each step of the recruitment process.