A committed expert who enjoys themselves has a positive impact on the company’s financial performance. Help the expert with integration.

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The expert’s official affairs

Official affairs lay the groundwork for living and working in Finland. Assist the employee when they arrive in Finland in matters such as applying for a personal identity code and a tax card. Tips and information for the employer on how to help an international expert in official affairs when they arrive in Finland. 

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How to help employees settle in Finland

Moving to a new country may be stressful, and the employee has many practical things to take care of at the same time. As an employer, look after the employee and offer your help to ensure a smooth relocation and new start. Settling-in services are available. 

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Integration into Finland

Put effort into making the employee feel at home, both at work and in their free time. This commits the expert to your business and the surrounding community. The key is that their family and spouse enjoy themselves. Read tips on retaining the expert in your company and region! 

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