Recruiting professional skills testing

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The recruiting professional skills testing service helps you to find technology industry professionals from the EU and EEA countries.

The recruitment service provides companies in the technology sector with an efficient and reliable way to assess and select the most suitable job applicants for their open positions. The service specializes in the recruitment of experts in the electronics and electrical, mechanical and metal products, metal processing, design and consulting, and information technology fields. 


Testing the candidates’ professional skills in their country of origin benefits the employer. The service helps to ensure that the people hired meet the employer’s skill requirements and can perform their work tasks successfully in Finland. 


Save time and resources in the recruitment process and avoid recruiting mistakes.

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The state will cover 50% of the costs of the service.

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What does the service include?

The recruiting professional skills testing service package consists of many individual services, and you can choose some or all of them. At the most general level, the service provider specializing in recruitment can start by marketing the vacancies in the EU and EEA countries, for example. The service provider can also receive the applications and carry out the pre-selection and job interviews.  


Next, the service provider will introduce the suitable candidates to the employer. The people recruited are professionals and specialists in their field. Once the right people have been found, their professional skills are tested in the country of origin. Competence identification can be carried out either on-site or by utilizing digital testing tools. Typical areas assessed include the person’s education and work experience, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, and other necessary competencies. 


In addition, the individuals recruited and their spouses can already be given an introduction to their future workplace, Finnish working culture, and the Finnish society and culture in their country of origin. They can also be offered language courses in Finnish or Swedish. 


The recruiting organization can participate in work community coaching for the reception and orientation of experts from abroad. 


The primary aim is to ensure that the employee’s skills match the needs of the Finnish organization and to help the employer in selecting the most suitable candidates. In addition, we want to make the relocation of the individuals recruited and the start of their careers in Finland as smooth as possible – both for them and their possible family members and, of course, for the employer.   

Implementation of the service  

The service is tailored according to the needs of the employer and the experts recruited. The goals, content, duration, and implementation method are determined together with the employer.


The ELY Center assists in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of the service. The procurement contract is concluded between the employer, the ELY Center, and the service provider. The service provider is selected from among the service providers approved for the dynamic procurement system.


The service provider investigates the employer’s needs before designing and implementing the service. The service is designed according to the employer’s needs, and the employer can influence its content.


Recruiting professional skills testing provides the employer with a uniform service path for recruiting talent from abroad. The service is suitable for companies of all sizes, including public sector employers.


Recruiting professional skills testing is discretionary and subject to a fee. The service is financed jointly by the employer and the employment and economic development administration.

Benefits for the employer

You can focus on your core business and let us find the technology experts you need. 

  • You will find skilled and motivated professionals. You will get an employee who has prepared themselves for Finland as well as possible. 

  • As an employer, you will learn from a diverse work community. You will receive guidance and support in the different phases of international recruitment. 

  • The state will cover 50% of the costs. 

Get started

Seize the opportunity and contact the Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers. You will be told more about the advice service, and the representative of your local ELY Center will assess your needs more closely with you. The advice service is available nationwide on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call +358 (0)295 016 770 or send a message to to learn more about the service and to get started.


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