IMAGO coaching

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Develop and strengthen your employer image – stand out in the job market and find the right talent. Apply for free IMAGO coaching.

Competition for talent is increasingly intense, and as society becomes more diverse, it is becoming more and more demanding for companies to attract and keep a skilled workforce. Employer image plays a huge role in convincing and engaging experts. 

A strong employer image implies a strong organization.


IMAGO strengthens your understanding of the importance of the employer brand, diverse recruitment skills, a multicultural and internally strong corporate culture, and the development of the employer image for your business.


The main goals of the IMAGO coaching are: 

  • to develop the employer image, which covers not only the external brand of the company, but also its ability to meet the growing expectations of job applicants and employees 

  • to develop diverse recruitment and work orientation skills and the building of a multicultural corporate culture 

  • to give practical tips and concrete tools for developing your company’s leadership skills and employer image 

  • to develop the internal internationalization readiness and diversity expertise of the participating companies and thus facilitate successful recruitment 

IMAGO wants to ignite a positive spark in companies, thus developing their courage and ability to attract, train, and engage experts! A strong employer image implies a strong organization.  

Who can participate?

IMAGO coaching is free of charge and practical. It is aimed at the management, HR, and other key personnel of SMEs across Finland in both the private and public sectors. There are no industry restrictions. 

What should I do to participate?