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EURES helps employers and workers in finding each other across Europe.

The service covers more than 3,000,000 jobs, an expert network of 1,000 recruitment professionals, more than 800,000 resumes by sector, and 5,000 registered employers. Find top talent for your business from Europe! 

EURES services include recruitment events and a Job Mobility Portal.


What is EURES? 

EURES (European Employment Services) is a comprehensive European employment network and a high-quality public service. Recruiting EU citizens is easy, as the movement of employees is unrestricted and they do not need work permits. The aim of the service is clear: to help employers in finding the best experts and employees in finding their dream job.

What support does the EURES network provide?

The EURES network supports your business when you recruit employees from Europe. The network provides support to employers at different stages of the recruitment process, and local EURES advisers use the network to find the most appropriate solutions.  

EURES experts can help you in activities such as 

  • recruitment planning and launching  

  • choosing an appropriate destination country and in communications 

  • responding to inquiries, receiving applications, and pre-selection 

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European Job Days 

European Job Days (EJD) and European Online Job Days (EOJD) are popular recruitment events that bring together companies and talent from different sectors, either on-site in the destination country or virtually. When you participate in the events as an employer, you will be able to present your company and its vacancies, as well as interview suitable candidates. The events are effective, and several Finnish companies have recruited international experts at the fair.  

Job Mobility Portal and CV bank

Advertise your company’s job openings at the European level! When you post an ad in the Job Market, you have an option to make it visible throughout Europe. In this case, your ad will be moved to the EURES Job Mobility Portal, in which it will be seen by a significant number of job applicants from the desired sector. The portal also enables you to browse and search for a suitable candidate by sector from the extensive EURES-CV bank. The portal requires registration.


See the instructions on how to search for employees in the portal: 

Financial support for recruitment

Are you looking for an expert to join your company but can’t find one in Finland? The Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) is an EU program that supports SMEs in recruiting workers from EU countries, Norway, and Iceland. The program also covers internships and apprenticeships. TMS provides financial support for the recruitment process and the integration of experts. 

Support may be granted to small and medium-sized employers with up to 250 employees or to a company that 

  • is legally registered in an EU country 

  • needs skilled employees who it cannot find in its home country 

  • is prepared to sign an employment contract for at least 6 months (working hours at least 50% of the normal working hours in the sector) with the salary and conditions of employment corresponding to the collective agreement (TES). 

Financial support may also be available for training and orientation costs when you provide the new employee with work orientation, language training, and/or help with settling in. 

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