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"It’s almost like calling a friend!"

Your feedback is valuable to us. It enables us to refine our services and more effectively meet the evolving needs of employers.

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Lindström Oy

The one-stop advice service saves time and resources for Lindström Oy


Janika Ranua, HR Specialist at Lindström Oy, encourages employers to confidently contact the Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers.  


"We have primarily used the Work in Finland phone service during unclear situations with the renewal of our employees' work permits."


At Lindström, just at the Helsinki head office alone, there are employees of 32 different nationalities. In many positions, Finnish language skills are not required at all. Consequently, the organization often receives applications and selects candidates who are non-Finnish speakers residing in Finland, as well as applicants from other countries. "However, currently, we do not have official relocation assistance or dedicated staff for those moving to Finland for work." This is where the Work in Finland advice service comes in handy. Ranua notes that the processes of starting work and navigating various permit procedures are not always straightforward or easy.


"The service has saved us a lot of time and effort. In the future, I believe we will use Work in Finland’s services more extensively in relocation matters as well. The ease and convenience of getting advice with just one call is very important for an employer, so we can guide applicants correctly and fill out various forms accurately on the first try, without spending too much time on inquiries."


Janika Ranua, Lindström Oy

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KAMK - Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

"Like calling a friend!" KAMK's TILMA project solves matching problems with Work in Finland's International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers in its toolkit.


Natalia Alava and Eveliina Tervaniemi, who work with the TILMA project at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, highly recommend Work in Finland's free advice service to employers: "There are no stupid questions! You can call and ask anything about recruiting a foreign worker."


The TILMA project aims to promote the employment of those under temporary protection and immigrants in Kainuu. The project addresses the matching problem, ensuring the right person is found for the right job. A great example is the employment of Ukrainians in a daycare center last year: working in daycare always requires a criminal record extract, and the absence of Finnish online banking credentials for Ukrainians complicated the processing of the case. Tervaniemi turned to Work in Finland for help."In just a couple of hours, very detailed instructions came directly to the email!"


Alava emphasizes that no employer has all the answers to every question. That's why she recommends Work in Finland's advice service to a wide range of parties. "We get a lot of questions from employers. Things are not as self-evident as when employing a Finn. Work cultures, differences, and fears need to be clarified, and doing so improves the entire recruitment process."


The service's speed, in addition to its free access and diverse expertise, is also praised: "There's no need to wait unnecessarily. When you call the number, they answer almost immediately. It's almost like calling a friend!"


Natalia Alava and Eveliina Tervaniemi, KAMK

B&B Building Oy

The shipbuilding industry needs workers – B&B Building Oy addresses the skill shortage by recruiting from abroad


B&B Building Oy, a company operating in the shipbuilding industry, is experienced in recruiting foreign workers. The company has needed various kinds of employees, from welders to plumbers and designers. "We've tried recruiting in Finland, but our focus is on the appropriate education and work experience of our workers. That's why we recruit from abroad," says Tuuli Ferati from B&B Building Oy.


Ferati has turned to Work in Finland's International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers for assistance, especially with visa applications, where the phone service has provided additional help and confirmation. She recommends the service, particularly to those who are making their first international recruitment: "A good place to start with questions related to recruiting your first foreign worker."


Tuuli Ferati, B&B Building Oy