Promotional materials for Finland

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What should you tell about Finland to international experts? Various points of view and materials are available.

When an international expert is applying for a new job, besides learning about the company, it is at least as important for them to get an idea of the country they and their potential family are moving to. 

Why Finland materials support your international recruitment.


Here are a few examples of Finland’s attractiveness from the perspective of an international expert, as well as of the benefits of working in Finland:  

  • In Finland, the quality of life is high, thanks to things such as a great balance between work, family life, and leisure time 

  • Finland is a safe and stable welfare state 

  • You are given increased responsibility in the workplace, you are allowed to develop yourself, and the workplaces have a low-hierarchy organization 

  • Finland is a country of innovation and high technology 

  • The Finnish education system is one of the best in the world 

Additional information and materials

Explore the Why Finland package of materials in the Finland Toolbox, which includes videos and a Why Finland PowerPoint presentation. The package provides companies with concrete points of view and things they can tell the job applicants about Finland. The materials are regularly updated.