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The free Talent Manager Network service provides Finnish companies with advice on international recruitment and helps them to find a reliable local recruitment partner.


Get advice on international recruitment.


Get in touch with local recruitment companies.


Get support to build your brand and employer image.

Boosting international recruitment

Talent Managers help you to succeed in even complex recruitment issues 


You will be able to start an international recruitment process with their advice. In the target countries, you will be able to connect with reliable and ethical recruitment companies through pre-existing networks.


You will also receive support to build your employer brand. You can participate in joint events and publish an international job advertisement on our website for talent (via Job Market Finland).

Talent Managers are recruitment experts with excellent networks. They know the opportunities and talent potential of their target country thoroughly.

For whom?

Regardless of size or industry, the Talent Manager Network advises and helps all Finnish companies that want to recruit international talent, both specialists and skilled workers (e.g., in the manufacturing industry or social welfare and health care).


Connect with local partners to recruit the right talent from target countries, from software developers to welders and from nurses to CNC operators.

In which countries is help available?

  • India
  • Brazil
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Europe


The target countries have suitable talent and potential on offer. In addition, these markets find Finland attractive. Focusing on target countries enables efficient use of resources and influential marketing for experts, as well as identifying the best recruitment routes.

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What about social responsibility?

Do the following

You can contact Talent Managers in the target countries directly. They will provide you with more information about our service and how we can help you with international recruitment.

Santeri Ojala

Manager - International Operations

Shreshta Sharma

Talent Manager India

Alessandra Leone

Talent Manager Brazil

Anh Le

Talent Manager Vietnam

Sezin Ata Diler

Talent Manager EU/EEA