TE Live

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Would you like to promote your company’s vacancy live? Perfect! TE Live is a free service for employers provided by the TE services.

Nationwide TE Live increases the visibility of your recruitment, saves time, and provides an opportunity to positively influence the employer image.

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You can join the broadcast in the studio or remotely.

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In the recruitment broadcast, you will be able to tell the candidates more about the organization you represent and answer their questions in one go, helping them to understand your needs better. This will result in more relevant applications.


Watch a video about IKEA Kuopio’s experience of TE Live below. For more experiences shared by companies, see the TE Live website.


You can get subtitles in English from the subtitles or settings icon at the bottom of the video

Participation is easy

A professional presenter hosts the broadcast, and you can attend it on-site in the studio or remotely.  


The service can be used for both domestic and international recruitment. 


A tip for international recruitment: Before the broadcast, familiarize yourself with the international talent supply with the EURES expert from the TE Office

What should I do to participate?