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This page contains information about the International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers and answers to the most common questions.

The skills shortage is solved by together

The shrinking of the Finnish economy and the increase in unemployment rates are topical in 2024. At the same time, companies are grappling with a shortage of skilled workers. According to estimates, the recession will be short-lived, and the economy is expected to rebound. At this point the need for skilled workers in Finland may be at it's highest, and finding enough labour may prove to be challenging.


If the recruitment of a foreign employee, whether from within Finland or from abroad, is a topic that is being considered in your organization, you are not alone. At Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service, we know the process involved in international recruitment and we are here to assist you.  


Let's go through your situation together! 


Work in Finland's free, nationwide advice service helps you with all practical questions related to the recruitment of foreign labor, and the relocation and settling-in of employees. We offer information, support, and guidance to companies of all sizes, regardless of industry. We have helped many organizations get started when the first recruitment is still under consideration. 


By phone 

Call 0295 016 770. We're available on the phone on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. Outside of our operating hours, you can leave a callback request. 


By email 

You can also send us an email:


Special opening hours

During the summer, we will be closed from July 1st to July 14th. In addition from July 15th to July 31st, we will be open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

“Special thanks for the amazing help: a really proactive, knowledgeable, and warm service.” – Customer feedback


We know international recruitment processes

A nationwide service for everyone responsible for recruitment

Do you work, for example, as a recruiter, entrepreneur, in an educational institution, or in another public organization, or as a CEO or HR manager? 


We provide advice for all employers operating in Finland, regardless of the region, organization's size or industry. Our experts are familiar with the typical processes of companies recruiting in Finland from numerous industries. We receive calls from small and medium-sized enterprises, recruiting companies, educational institutions, and other public organizations, among others. The service is available throughout Finland is free for everyone.  


If you are dealing with hiring a foreign employee, whether for the first time or as a more experienced professional, feel free to contact us! We can assist you with getting started, clarifying the necessary measures, and guiding you to the right sources, so that you can move forward confidently with the matter.  

What kinds of questions can be asked through the service?

One-stop shop tactic  

Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers helps employers operating in Finland with all questions related to the recruitment of foreign labour. The questions can relate to hiring foreign employees who live abroad or who have already settled in Finland. The questions may concern the entire recruitment and immigration process or a specific part of it.  


You can get up-to-date information from our specialists, such as: 


• Residence permits, visas or other official processes: Which actors are involved in the recruitment of a foreign employee? What permit matters must be taken into consideration?

• Hiring a foreign employee: What matters should the employer take care of? 

• Matters related to the settling-in of employees: What matters should the employee take care of when settling-in to Finland? How can you support your employees with authority visits and opening a bank account? What steps can you take to make an employee's move to Finland smooth and straightforward? How can you help the employee feel more comfortable? 


You can also ask us about hiring international students and seasonal workers. 

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Read our customer stories 

Our customers are verifiably very satisfied with our international recruitment advisory services for employers. Read about how Lindström, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, and B&B Building Ltd have benefited from our service.

Is there a fee for the advice service?

The advice we provide is free of charge. The price of calling the telephone service is in accordance with your phone plan (local network charge/mobile phone charge). This price also applies to waiting in line. If you are using a voice package, check with your carrier if calls starting with 0295 are included. 

Who is the service for? 

Work in Finland’s International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers serves all employers operating in Finland, regardless of the size or sector of the company. 


The advice service is particularly useful to employers planning their first international recruitment, as well as small and medium-sized employers with limited human resources. We help everyone who is in charge of recruitment or HR functions. 

How does the service work? 

Our experts serve you personally and confidentially in questions related to international recruitment by both phone and email. Employers can call +358 (0) 295 016 770 or send email to Our phone service is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The number has a callback service outside of on-call hours. 

Is the advice service a public service?

The advice service for employers is a public service that is part of the Talent Boost program and the broader Work in Finland service provided by the state. 

What services does the advice service include?

We offer information, support, and guidance on the recruitment, hiring, and permit processes of international employees, as well as on moving to and settling in Finland. You can also ask about hiring international students or foreign employees who are already in Finland. Say goodbye to endless googling and telephone bingo! 


We’ll answer your questions and find the information you need. We also direct you to other useful services. We provide personal and practical assistance in all the stages and details related to hiring an international employee. 

What services are not available?

We do not provide employment services, but we are happy to refer you to services of organisations or companies that do counseling. We cannot initiate/take up official matters or procedures with authorities on your behalf. However, we can help to guide you to the correct, responsible authority 


We do not advise on occupational safety and health matters, employment contract or labour law matters, or matters related to the legislation of other countries. However, we’ll be happy to help direct you to the correct services or authorities.  

Which languages is the service available in?

We can communicate with you in Finnish, Swedish, and English. 

Privacy statement

See the privacy statement of the Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers.  

Give feedback

You can also give us feedback about the Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers.  

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