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Consult our nationwide experts on international recruitment and employee permit matters. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the overall international recruitment process, including proceedings involving several different authorities. We offer a low-threshold way to ask questions and quickly learn more. Read the FAQ here.

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We are proud that our customers are extremely satisfied with our services. In 2023, our NPS (Net Promoter Score) was 93.  


In particular, we receive praise for helping employers solve complex issues and for quickly getting back to customers with help. Customer feedback is invaluable to us. Help us improve our service by giving us feedback


Read our customer stories to see how we've made a difference.

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Get to know employer advice service

How does the International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers work? Who is the service for? Is there a fee for the counseling? You can find answers to these and other common questions about employer advice here. 

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EURES consulting

Looking for a professional from Europe? EURES experts can help you with every step of the recruitment process. Some of the EURES services are free of charge, and paid coaching may be subsidized up to 70%. Find a EURES expert in your area.