Solutions to labour shortage training

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What is missing here?

"A company without the right people – bit like a swimming pool without water"


International recruitment is often highlighted as a solution to labour shortage – and for good reason! We need skilled workers, wherever they come from. International talent recruitment is one solution that many organisations are already benefiting from.


Basic package for international recruitment: Sign up for a free Solutions to labour shortage training session (3 h)


The training will give you the basic skills you need for international recruitment. A more diverse work community will support your organisation and business in a variety of ways, from skills diversity to new markets and growth. But many companies may wonder what practical steps are needed to recruit staff, work permits, working language and diversity - and where to start? 


International recruitment is often perceived as a difficult and time-consuming task. However, this perception is often exaggerated. Services and support are available. The Solutions to labour shortages training will take you through the whole international recruitment process in a concrete way, through the specific needs of your organisation. 

To whom:

The service is suitable for all SMEs.

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"Could there be a smarter way to solve the skills shortage than eating soup with a fork?"

Join training to solve the skills shortage?

The Solutions to labour shortage training gives employers, whatever their starting level, the basic skills to recruit internationally. The training is free of charge and does not commit the participant to anything! 


After the training, your company will know the answers to the following questions: 


  • What are our options for recruiting from abroad? 

  • How should we work in practice? 


Even if it's not time to recruit an international talent yet, with this training you'll boost your organisation's skills and be ready when the time comes. 


The training consists of a total of two 3-hour one-to-one distance training sessions, i.e. a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of less than one working day. During the first 3 hours of distance learning, you will be able to dive into the basics of international recruitment with a recruitment specialist. See the detailed content of the training and sign up now! 


The coaching service is provided in cooperation with RTK-henkilöstöpalvelu.

Basic package for international recruitment

Content of the first distance learning session (3 h):

  1. International recruitment as an option for recruitment 

  1. What competences, skills and capabilities does international recruitment require from a company? 

  1. The field and services of international recruitment: recruitment channels, partners and approaches 

  1. Private and public service options 

  1. The perspective of the recruited employee 

  1. Work permit issues 

  1. Documentation required by the authorities 

  1. Risks and challenges of international recruitment 

Tailor-made action plan for international recruitment

Content of the second distance learning session (3 h, optional):

  • Advanced content selected according to the company's needs 

  • Drawing up a tailor-made action plan for your company