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The world of work is becoming more international – is your company ready? Build an international team and prepare to lead it.

The benefits of an international work community are undeniable. In a nutshell: it generates growth. In the future, the growth of companies will come from international markets. A free mentoring program on the management of an international work community will start in February. It is aimed for supervisors or managers in Finnish SMEs that are eager to lead their teams towards an international future. The application period for the 2024 program has now closed. Thank you for all the applicants!


Learn about the experiences of the participants from the video below (in Finnish)!  

The benefits of an international team

Expand your company’s know-how, support innovation, discover new ways of working, grow the markets, and increase your turnover! The key to achieving these is a diverse work community. An international team makes the company attractive to other experts as well.  


Work in Finland supports and assists your company in its internationalization journey. Don’t wait, start your growth story now! 

A free mentoring program

In the mentoring program for managing an international work community, you will develop your company’s internal skills and internationalization capabilities. The future growth of companies will come from international markets. All companies will need international experts to succeed, and work communities will become multicultural sooner or later. Are you ready? 


Spar with your mentor considering questions such as: What does managerial competence mean in a more and more international world? Why should you and how can you recruit international talent? How can you manage and support your work community in the middle of the transformation? How does the internationalization of personnel contribute to the competitiveness of the company?  

Program content

The mentoring program is organized in collaboration with Suomen mentorit ry. The program combines pair mentoring and joint coaching sessions for all participants. The duration of the program is 10 months and it includes the following: 

  • Joint kick-off and concluding events in Helsinki 

  • 8 mentoring sessions 

  • 3 coaching sessions (2x virtual and 1x face-to-face) 

Tärkeitä päivämääriä
15.11.2023 – 7.1.2024Call for applications is open
7.2.2024, at 15–16:30Online coaching for mentors
14.2.2024 at 15–18 (Helsinki; TF talo)Joint kick-off
17.4.2024 at 15:00–16:30Online coaching A
12.6.2024 klo 15–18Joint interim meeting with coaching
18.9.2024 at 15–16:30Online coaching B
13.11.2024 at 15–18 (Helsinki; TF talo)Joint concluding event

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