The Talent Boost events in one place

Three women are discussing at an event. - Markus Sommers | Business Finland

Markus Sommers | Business Finland

The Talent Boost network’s common event calendar gives visibility to the network’s events, both nationally and internationally.

Here’s how to submit your event to the calendar.

1. What kind of events are published in the calendar?

The events must be nationwide in nature and open to everybody, even if they are physically organised in a specific city. In other words, the event cannot be limited to the residents of a particular municipality, for example, but must be open to everyone.


Events published in the calendar may deal with the following topics:


  1. The attraction, recruitment, and retention of international talent.
  2. The development and improvement of companies’ own internationalization capabilities.
  3. Welcome to Finland events that showcase several locations to international talent.

2. What information is published about the event?

Keep in mind that the calendar is part of the event’s marketing: the event description should highlight the benefits and advantages available to the participant!


Please do not copy the texts on the original event page if one exists. Rather, write a brief summary of the original landing page.


More detailed instructions:


Compile the following information in a single Word document. Send the image as a separate file.


  • Title: Name of the event, max 47 characters.
  • Intro: A brief description of the event, max 150 characters.
  • Location: 1) Finland/international, 2) which region, 3) online, 4) hybrid. Select a maximum of 2 suitable options from the above-mentioned list (1–4)!
  • Time: Date and time.
  • Event: Description of the event. Indicate the exact time and place (such as the venue and its address) in the event description. Max 1,000 characters.
  • Link: Additional information or the registration page.
  • Photo: Landscape, max size 1 MB.


The advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of the event information, language versions, and registration forms.

3. In which languages is event information required?

Make sure you have all the necessary language versions. Use AI apps, Google Translate, or a translation agency if necessary.


  1. Events intended for employers require a 1) Finnish, 2) Swedish, and 3) English version.
  2. Events intended for international talent require an English version.

4. How is the event information submitted?

It is a good idea to submit the details to the calendar well in advance before the event. This optimizes your event’s visibility and attendees.


Send your information to: