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Finland has a great deal to offer to potential workers from overseas. It is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunity for recreation and sport and has a rich cultural life.

And, of course, the education system is highly regarded, so expatriates need have no worries concerning their children. Throw in first class working conditions and employee security and Finland becomes a very attractive proposition for anyone considering working abroad.

Housing is clean, very comfortable, the social amenities are excellent and the standards of living are very high which makes it great value for money compared to other countries in the world.

But how much do Finns earn and what are the top paying jobs?

OECD statistics show that average salaries in Finland are slightly lower than the OECD overall. However, working hours are shorter, employment rates are higher and unemployment benefits are higher. Overall, therefore, Finland compares favourably with other OECD countries, so those looking for jobs in Finland can feel safe in the knowledge that they should be able to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Comparing salaries is always difficult and averages seldom give a true picture, as there can be wild fluctuations at the higher and lower ends of the scale. Below is however, a classification of the top paying jobs in Finland in gross salaries:

General Practitioner – GPs average salary is about 5,100 Euros a month, with women earning somewhat less at around 4,340 Euros a month. Currently, there is a high demand of healthcare professionals in Finland and shortage of nurses. Find your next healthcare role before moving to Finland.

Dentist – Male dentists make 4,960 Euros on average while their female counterparts receive around 300 Euros less.

Accountant – Accountants in Finland average just over 4,660 Euros per month while their female colleagues are around 640 Euros a month worse off.

Engineer – Male engineers average around 4,100 Euros a month; women receive around 3,940 Euros.

IT professionals – Given the wide range of It roles an average salary can only be indicative. In the insurance industry, for example, male IT professionals can expect an average of 3,800 Euros with women commanding around 3,230 Euros.

Professor – The average monthly salary for male professors is around 3,455 Euros while women average just over 2,960 Euros.

Wood grinder – Interestingly, wood grinders are comparatively well paid, making almost 3,130 Euros a month. Women wood grinders average just under 2,800 Euros.

Teacher – Teachers enjoy high social status and average slightly over 3,250 Euros per month. Women teachers earn around 60 Euros a month less.

Office clerk – A position that is difficult to define, male office clerks are reported to average about 2,687 Euros a month – just under 400 Euros more than their female counterparts.

Nurse – Female nurses average almost 2,900 Euros a month, about 100 Euros less than male nurses.

As noted, average figures can fluctuate. Actual pay depends on many factors including qualifications and experience. However, IT companies like Futurice, Bitwise and Microsoft feature highly on the list of best companies to work for in Finland, as does retail giant IKEA.

The employment sectors listed offer the top paying jobs in Finland, but individual positions may deviate from the median. For more details, visit our jobs in Finland page or search by sectors of employment.

The averages do, however, serve as a guide and suggest that finding a job in Finland could be a very good career move that is excellent for the family too.


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