To Hell’s Lake and Back! Literally!

Posted by | 23rd August 2013 | Living in Finland, Why Finland

Despite the meaning of its name, Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s Lake) National Park is a top destination among even international tourists. Hell’s Lake National Park offers green forests and fresh air to feast your senses, being located approximately 80 kilometres north of the city of Tampere.

The beauty of Hell’s Lake comes from deep lines and despite having been a touristic site for more than 200 years, it remains majorly unspoilt.

A refreshing dip in lake in the morning followed by a cup of coffee and blueberry pancakes for breakfast! And why is it that all food cooked outside tastes better? Grilled sausages served with mustard, wild mushrooms fried on a stick and a cup of camomile tea in the evening to wind down the day while watching the campfire, what else could you ask for from a break in the heart of nature?

And if you are up for some adventure during the day, why not take a stroll through the forest, walk along the small rivers while listening to the sound of water gushing over the giant rocks.

Or why not go blueberry picking? Finnish blueberries are renowned for their sweetness and fulness of flavour so why not take advantage of this and pick some? One for the cup, one for me, one for the cup, two for me and so on…

Regardless of how many days you choose to spend in Hell’s Lake National Park, you are guaranteed to have a truly relaxing time which will invigorate all your senses and provide inner peace.

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