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Marimekko Opens New Store in Finland

Posted by | 22nd November 2013 | Finland News

Marimekko, a Finish textile and clothing design company has been under-going a process of expansion and re-modelling of its stores in Finland. Last week, a new outlet store was opened in Vantaa, followed by the opening of a smaller gift shop in Helsinki, earlier this month. In addition to this, stores in the Arctic Circle […]

Finland has one main global asset and they know it: clean and authentic food! In today’s society, global consumers are increasingly more demanding in terms of food quality and are gradually willing to pay more for it. Food and drinks originating from Finland are premium quality and authentic tasting as artificial flavours are taste enhancers […]

Lingonberry Extract Now In Cosmetics

Posted by | 9th October 2013 | Finland News

A group of research students from Oulu University recently identified a method of isolating important compounds from lingonberries to be used in the cosmetic industry. Lingonberries have been proved to contain extracts which help rejuvenate skin and maintain its elasticity. The project under which the new methodology has been developed is funded by the Tekes […]

The Finnish Confectionery producer, Fazer has made history by receiving its second European Candy Kettle Award for prestigious work in the confectionery sweets industry. The European Candy Kettle Group consists of members of trade press as well as representatives of the confectionery industry. According to a recent press release, this is only the second time […]

Energy charged particles originating in the magnetosphere and in solar winds are directed by the earth’s magnetic field and collide with atoms high in the atmosphere to produce a light effect. This is the rather dull scientific explanation for the stunning beauty of what is known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The Northern […]

Despite the current economic environment, cruise lines continue to grow profits as Finns don’t give up on their Baltic cruises. Helped by additional ships being introduced each year, Scandinavian cruise lines offer their guests the possibility to shop duty-free which is believed to be one factor contributing to the increase in on-board spending. Viking Line […]

The Finnish Food Company HKScan has recently won 2 Gold Awards in the Aurora Awards international film competition in the US. The categories that the film was nominated for were Corporate Image and Documentary Historical Series which brought the movie one Gold Award each. Competing with films from all around the world, HKScan’s film was […]

Despite the meaning of its name, Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s Lake) National Park is a top destination among even international tourists. Hell’s Lake National Park offers green forests and fresh air to feast your senses, being located approximately 80 kilometres north of the city of Tampere. The beauty of Hell’s Lake comes from deep lines and despite […]

When you think of beaches, the Mediterranean probably comes to mind or the great beaches of Malibu, Waikiki or Bondi. It’s highly unlikely that you’d think of beaches like Degersand in Finland or Aakrogen in Denmark which are actually some of the best in Europe. Due to their location in the northern hemisphere many people […]