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VTT Technical Research Centre has recently developed a new type of lightweight, handheld camera which can detect early stages of skin cancer in two seconds. The ultraprecision hypersphectral camera identifies the early signs which are invisible to the naked eye. The device represents a major development and break-through as, according to statistics from VTT, skin […]

According to the Euro Health Consumer Index 2013 (EHCI), Finland’s healthcare system is the tenth best in Europe. The index is based on a study carried out by the Health Consumer Powerhouse who have evaluated the health systems of 35 different European countries. The assessed contries have been evaluted on 48 different factors such as: […]

A group of scientists from the Tampere University in Finland have recently found a virus which is believed to be the cause of type I diabetes. A prototype for a vaccine resulted from this break-through which has already been tested and showed positive results in mice. The only obstacle the team of researchers in Tampere […]

5 Best Expat Jobs Around The World

Posted by | 21st October 2013 | Why not Finland

People choose to work abroad for many reasons. In most cases, there is the lure of good money and a better lifestyle than they could get at home. For others, especially independent young people with no family responsibilities, the chance to see some of the world is the main attraction. According to a recent HSBC […]

Relaxbirth have successfully desgined new equipment which is meant to ease the process of giving birth on both mothers as well as midwives. The equipment was designed in order to allow mothers move around and choose the best birthing position for them, improving thus the delivery process. At the same time, midwives are able to […]

The VTT, Finland’s Technical Research Centre has recently announced that they have been working on developing a new type of hard metal which could replace tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a widely used material, however, its resources are gradually becoming limited. The new type of metal developed by the VTT has impressive bullet–proofing qualities in […]

Yet again, another good ranking for Finland which has recently been ranked 5th in the world for children health equality by the World Vision’s Global Health Gap Index. The aim of the organisation is to identify the level of healthcare access throughout the world. The findings of this year’s report were meant to analyse causes […]

Cytomed, a Russian pharmaceutical company has recently been granted permission to built its own factory in Lappeenranta, Finland. Cytomed will be the first Russian company to operate in Finland and has already been given permission to operate by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. The company is expected to being its activity in the spring of […]

Save the Children have recently published a new report according to which Finland is the best country in the world to be a mother. The Finnish healthcare system is rigorously regulated and offers a great deal of pre and after-birth care and advice, placing Finland first in the top best countries for new families. According […]