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And yet again another impressive ranking for Finland! The Legatum Institute Prosperity Index 2013 has recently ranked Finland in the top 10 most prosperous contries in the world. Finland was ranked eigth for overall prosperity due to a decrease in gross domestic savings, high tech exports and confidence in financial institutions, but gained two places […]

The Finnish mnufacturing company MetGen Oy based in Kaarina, Finland, has recently been included in the Top 100 Global Cleantech Companies in 2013. MetGen develops and produces enzymes for the production of bioethanol and for the pulp and paper industry. The final list was put together by the international consultancy company Cleantech Group and aims […]

Finland is looking at adopting an even more eco-friendly way of living for the future where energy will be generated by the sun and from algal cultures. Is it estimated that by 2040 Finland will have generated so much sustainable energy that the most energy efficient households will be able to sell it to neighbours. […]

The most recent technology developed by VTT – Finland’s Technical Research Centre – allows information and data transfers between different devices using a ring, a bracelet or a fake nail. The technology called InTouch allows for transfers to be completed between different devices such as touch-screen mobile phones and tablets using a ring, bracelet or […]

A group of scientists from the Tampere University in Finland have recently found a virus which is believed to be the cause of type I diabetes. A prototype for a vaccine resulted from this break-through which has already been tested and showed positive results in mice. The only obstacle the team of researchers in Tampere […]

How to Claim Unemployment in Finland

Posted by | 23rd October 2013 | Career Advice

Labour markets are tight all around the world so unemployment is a sad fact of life everywhere, but as in many countries, Finnish workers have access to financial assistance in the event they find themselves out of work. Claiming unemployment in Finland is a relatively simple process. The body responsible for the unemployed is Kela, […]

5 Best Expat Jobs Around The World

Posted by | 21st October 2013 | Why not Finland

People choose to work abroad for many reasons. In most cases, there is the lure of good money and a better lifestyle than they could get at home. For others, especially independent young people with no family responsibilities, the chance to see some of the world is the main attraction. According to a recent HSBC […]

Finland has one main global asset and they know it: clean and authentic food! In today’s society, global consumers are increasingly more demanding in terms of food quality and are gradually willing to pay more for it. Food and drinks originating from Finland are premium quality and authentic tasting as artificial flavours are taste enhancers […]

Finland has recently been ranked second in the global Human Capital Index organised by the World Economic Forum which covered 122 countries. Switzerland has been ranked first in this year’s human capital index. Below is the entire top 10 ranking: 1. Switzerland 2. Finland 3. Singapore 4. The Netherlands 5. Sweden 6. Germany 7. Norway […]

National Failure Day Celebrated Today

Posted by | 13th October 2013 | Finland News

Failure is a taboo in the Finnish society and once a year, on 13th October, the group behind the National Failure Day encourage people to cast off their fear of failing. This is the third consecutive year when the National Failure Day has been celebrated and the idea behind this is to encourage entrepreuneurship and […]