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Based on the results of a 2010 study, America’s Newsweek magazine rated Finland as the ‘World’s Best Country’. Newsweek looked at 100 countries and compared their health, economy, education, quality of life and politics. Finland emerged in the top spot mainly by virtue of its strength in education and quality of life. The accolade probably […]

VTT Technical Research Centre has recently developed a new type of lightweight, handheld camera which can detect early stages of skin cancer in two seconds. The ultraprecision hypersphectral camera identifies the early signs which are invisible to the naked eye. The device represents a major development and break-through as, according to statistics from VTT, skin […]

5 Best Expat Jobs Around The World

Posted by | 21st October 2013 | Why not Finland

People choose to work abroad for many reasons. In most cases, there is the lure of good money and a better lifestyle than they could get at home. For others, especially independent young people with no family responsibilities, the chance to see some of the world is the main attraction. According to a recent HSBC […]

Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds are moving their focus on to education. After having collaborated for a while with organisations such as NASA, CERN and the National Geographic Society, Rovio have recently struck an agreemen with 123 Educational Development in China too. As a result, the first Angry Birds playground will be built in […]

Helsinki Festival is one of the biggest summer festivals in Finland and comprises of hundreds of events which span over 18 days, beginning with the date of 15th August. This event can gather up more than 49,000 people! However, for the ones keen on less crowded places, August brings a lot of single events too […]

International science Olympiads were recently held in various cities of Europe and Finland students once again brought some medals home. You may have heard that the Finnish educational system is one of the best in the world and this is just another proof of the effectiveness of a relaxed teaching environment. This year, upper secondary […]

Despite the current global economy difficulties, there are countries which continue to focus on innovation, standing as a role model for the rest of the world. According to the Global Innoovation Index in 2013 published by Cornell University, INSEAD – The Business School for the World – and the World Intellectual Property Organisation,  the most […]

Finland’s education system is thought to be one of the most successful in the world, with Finland consistently scoring very high in international rankings. Here is a list of amazing facts about education in Finland which may surprise you: 1. Children only start school at 7 years old. They cannot enroll at a younger age. […]

Before heading off to Finland to work, it is essential that everyone finds out a little about their future destination and what they can expect to find there. Employment law, in particular, is one aspect that all workers should look at before committing to a move. For anyone considering looking for work in Finland, here […]

Education and schools Education is provided free of charge in Finland at all levels, and the majority of children attend state comprehensive (primary) schools and secondary schools. The children of foreign nationals living in Finland are also eligible to attend state schools. Compulsory education for nine years from the age of seven is provided in […]