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Using the Employment and Economic Development Office services for immigrants

If you are a jobseeker, you should register with an Employment and Economic Development Office (te Office) as soon as you have moved to Finland. You will find one near you almost everywhere in Finland. The largest te Offices have Eures advisers and other advisers specialised in immigrant services. They can serve you in many languages and assist you in job-seeking. If necessary, interpreter services are also available. The advisers will tell you about the employment opportunities available.

The te Offices also offer information about issues including training opportunities, the labour markets and different occupations. The Employment and Economic Development Administration’s national helpline (Työlinja) also gives guidance and information over the phone or by e-mail about how to use the te Office services and the online services.

eu/eea citizens and their family members can be registered as jobseekers. If you are a foreign citizen from outside that area, you can be registered as a jobseeker if you have a residence permit granted for employment and the permit has no employer-related restrictions. Employer-related restrictions that hinder a jobseeker’s registration can only concern the employer’s residence permit (continuous residence permit A granted for employment or temporary residence permit B).

Registered jobseekers can receive personal employment services and the related benefits. Unemployed jobseekers, who are in other respects eligible for such benefits, have the right to a jobseeking plan or an integration plan as well as unemployment security.

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