Lingonberry Extract Now In Cosmetics

Posted by | 9th October 2013 | Finland News

A group of research students from Oulu University recently identified a method of isolating important compounds from lingonberries to be used in the cosmetic industry.

Lingonberries have been proved to contain extracts which help rejuvenate skin and maintain its elasticity. The project under which the new methodology has been developed is funded by the Tekes Symbio programme and the main scope of the project was to innovate the use of essential compounds found in these fruits. The students have successfully created an innovative method of extracting these substances and making sure that the high concentration in quercetin which is found in lingonberries is also preserved.

A patent is currently pending for the invention which has already been commercialised by the cosmetics company Lumene. The company have already made use of the extract and developed a new line of cosmetics which were launched both on the Finnish and international markets earlier this year.

Due to specific weather conditions in the Scandinavian Peninsula, prominently long summer hours and clean air, berries growing in Nothern Europe contain high concentrations of anti-oxidants and high-quality phenolic compounds as well as essential vitamins. Due to our modern-day sophisticated fruit processing methods, these valuable substances are often left untapped as they remain in the skin or seeds of the fruits which are discarded.

Inspired by such positive results, Oulu University have started another project entitled Biohiva project which aims to create new ways of extracting similarly essential substances from vegetable-based raw materials.

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