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Posted by | 17th August 2014 | Finland Immigration

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Finland is a gorgeous country to visit, becoming an increasingly more and more popular destination to live or visit. The Finnish culture and identify is European and there are very little chances for any visitors to commit major gaffes that would irreparably damage relationships between himself or herself and the others.

In worst case scenario, Finnish people will be amused by any breaches of etiquette committed by foreigners whilst if the same breach occurs between two Finnish nationals, it would have a slightly more meaningful impact on their relationship. Relationships are built in time together with reputation and it’s difficult to make or break either with a single social blunder. When it comes to talking, the Finns like to be efficient and therefore a lot of consideration is given to the spoken words.

They are chosen very carefully and used with the sole purpose of delivering a message. It is for this reason that Finns prefer to say less and avoid unnecessary small talk. They fully conform to the old Chinese saying: “Your speech should be better than silence; if it is not, be silent”. Find out more about the identity of Finnish people, their customs, their etiquette and the social unwritten rules of Finnish society by reading our most comprehensive and illustrated Guide to Being Finnish.


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