International Science Olympiads – Another Achievement for Finland

Posted by | 2nd August 2013 | Finland News

International science Olympiads were recently held in various cities of Europe and Finland students once again brought some medals home.

You may have heard that the Finnish educational system is one of the best in the world and this is just another proof of the effectiveness of a relaxed teaching environment.

This year, upper secondary Finnish students performed well in both chemistry and biology Olympiads. Students brought home four bronze medals from the Biology Olympiad held in Bern and one bronze medal from the Chemistry one in Moscow.

Finland was represented by four students at the Chemistry Olympiad. The other students who performed best alongside Finland were from China, South Korea and Taiwan.

In the Biology Olympiad, all members of the Finnish team brought home a medal and the other successful candidates this year were from US and South-East Asia. Of the northern European countries, Finland scored best and all the students taking part in these competitions were schooled at Helsinki University where they were given the chance to practice their skills in the University’s laboratories of Biosciences and Chemistry.

The Chemistry and Biology Olympiads are annual events and are held in order to try and promote the study of these 2 sciences. The competitions are aimed at students of under 20 years old only and comprise of both theory tests as well as practical assessments for which they are extensively trained.

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