Illustrated Guide to Scandinavian Berries

Posted by | 30th July 2013 | Scandinavia

Not many people probably know that Scandinavia is home to about 40 varieties of delicious berries. The berry picking season starts end of May and ends late August and berry picking has become one of the most loved activities in northern Europe. Families with children stock up on plastic buckets and head for the forests in search of these healthy delicious berries.

It has been proven that due to the unique growing conditions in Scandinavia with long light summer days followed by cool nights has made Scandinavian berries more delicious and healthy than others. Fruits are packed with flavour, juicy and have a higher content of vitamins and antioxidants than berries grown in other European countries.

During the berry season, thousands of workers also arrive in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland to help pick these wonderful berries. At high season, they are sold everywhere from supermarkets to the side of the road and most people buy more they can eat to prepare into jams, compotes and marmelades as well as freeze and keep them for the winter.

We have composed this illustrated guide to help you distinguish between the multitude of berries and help you identify them once you spot them:

Rowanberries Cranberries Cloudberries Blueberries Lingonberries Loganberries Blackberries Billberries Dwarf Cornel Berries Black crowberries Rowanapple berries Fragaria berries Arctic Bramble Berries


Buckthorn Berries Bog Whortleberries


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