Finns Find Vaccine To Prevent Diabetes

Posted by | 25th October 2013 | Finland News

A group of scientists from the Tampere University in Finland have recently found a virus which is believed to be the cause of type I diabetes. A prototype for a vaccine resulted from this break-through which has already been tested and showed positive results in mice.

The only obstacle the team of researchers in Tampere University are currently facing is funding. In order to test the vaccine on humans, no less than 700 million Euros are needed.

However, professor Heikki Hyöty is optimistic saying that there is growing international interest in their work and therefore funding is likely to follow.

The researchers have discovered that the virus which causes type I diabetes is enterovirus and as it penetrates the pancreas, it destroys its ability to produce insulin which eventually leads to type I diabetes. A similar virus has been found to cause polio, a disease which has already been eradicated in many countries of the world by vaccines.

The number of diabetes cases is rapidly growing and there are currently 15 million affected people in the world. This disease has also been found to lead to long-term health complications which significantly reduce life expectancy.


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