Finnish Mud Running Competition Coming Up Soon

Posted by | 30th August 2013 | Finland News

Groups and groups of mud-lovers will be gathering in Poroholma, Rauma in September for the world mud-running championship. With 500 eager runners already registered, numbers are expected to grow into the thousand just before the start of the competition.

Markus Niemelä who is a huge mud-lover and has been taking part in this competition explains that he has oddball fan friends who regularly attend these kind of competitions. He was first introduced to the sport during his stay in the US and has loved it ever since. He further details that there are no special requirements for participants and anyone can take part. Aside from a strong pair of leg muscles needed to dig you out from what can be knee-high mud and get you over barriers, no special skills are a compulsory either.

The competition is however divided into 2 separate categories: one for the keen mud lovers up for the ‘whole package’ and one for the softer fans who just want to enjoy a lighter side of the sport. Organisers say the competition is all about good natured fun and outdoor exercise.

Poroholma is ideal for this competition due to its soil consistency which is rich in the key mud component. The area is well organised and also provides washing-up facilities as well as accommodation and restaurants so participants, friends and families can all enjoy the festivities.

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