Finnish Innovation Turns Fake Nails Into USBs

Posted by | 28th October 2013 | Finland News

The most recent technology developed by VTTFinland’s Technical Research Centre – allows information and data transfers between different devices using a ring, a bracelet or a fake nail.

The technology called InTouch allows for transfers to be completed between different devices such as touch-screen mobile phones and tablets using a ring, bracelet or even a fake nail. For example, by touching an image or a video on the mobile phone screen, such files can be transferred to another digital device via a special ring equipped with innovative technology.

Once the files are copied onto the ring, bracelet or fake nail, by touching the screen of another device the transfer of files of different sizes can be completed easily and quickly.

VTT aren’t however stopping at jewellery and digital devices, according to the Technical Research Centre this technology can be incorporated into smart clothes, furniture, cars and even industrial equipments.

Jani Mäntyjärvi Chief Research Scientist at VTT recently commented that the team’s main aim is to come up with new technology to help make transfers a lot easier as the demand for quick and easy file transfers between different devices continues to grow.

The InTouch technology works both directly and through the cloud service. However, special antennas must be fitted on the devices and specifically developed software must be downloaded in order to be able to use the devices.

The technology is currently pending a patent and although further development work is currently undergoing, a market launch is also planned for the near future.

The video below shows the technology at work:

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