Finnish Home Designs That Make You Go ‘Wow’

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Finland has produced numerous world renowned architects who have influenced several styles internationally. Finnish design and architecture is known today mostly for its modern trait as most buildings have been reconstructed after World War II.  Finland also has a low population density and as a result, most houses and flats in Finland are new, spacious and equipped with all modern facilities. Houses are well piped and 96% of homes have running hot water on the tap provided by an individual central heating system.

Due to low temperatures during the winter, insulation is essential and thus developed to a very high standard requirement. In fact, houses and flats are so well insulated that consumption of energy per cubic metre for heating is the same as in countries in southern Europe!

Another unique characteristic of Finnish home design is that nearly all Finnish houses have their own sauna or, in the case of apartment blocks, a shared sauna.

Windows are large and are either double or triple glazed, facing south so that they catch as much light as possible, feature which is extremely helpful during the long winter months. Rooms are spacious and generally painted in light colours to maximize the space and light.

So we know what their secret is to fighting the long, dark winters and low temperatures, time to have a look at some of the most spectacular Finnish home designs!

1. Wooden home – the ‘boat’

Built and designed by architect Marco Casagrande, the ‘boat’ is an adaptation of the typical Finnish wooden house except that it has been built by two carpenters as if it were a boat. Situated in Karjaa, Finland, the house is heated with geothermal energy produced by two fireplaces and the interior is white mimicking the snow outside.

2. Soapstone fireplaces

These quirky soapstone fireplaces not only do they do a great job warming up the entire home but you can also actually bake and cook in its bakeoven (to the right), providing at the same time a gorgeous look and unique style to your home!

3. Home Saunas

It is not uncommon for Finnish homes to have their own sauna where Finns like to relax especially in the cold winter season. These can be gorgeously designed to fit either in the living-room or bathroom and blend in well with the room’s interior design, providing an atmosphere of relaxation and calm.

4. Finnish Log homes

Log homes are very popular in Scandinavia and are extremely eco-friendly. They are made of logs which haven’t yet been milled into timber. In northern Europe, log houses were initially built using just an axe and a knife. Today, modern adaptations are available from specialized builders.

Typical Finnish interior designs for log houses vary from the more traditional one to a luxurious-contemporary design:

5. Lake Houses

There are approximately 188,000 lakes and 179,000 islands in Finland. Finns love to retreat to the countryside during the weekends and the vast majority of them have built their own lake houses. These are fully equipped summer homes and some of them stand out for their unique and distinctive design.

6. Igloos

And what better way of seeing the Northern Lights than gazing at the sky through the glass roof of a Finnish igloo? Located in the heart of Lapland, Finland these glass igloos are completely insulated and heated offering all the comfort of a 4 star hotel.

 What other designs have you spotted?

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