Finnish Healthcare System – Tenth Best in Europe

Posted by | 9th December 2013 | Finland News

According to the Euro Health Consumer Index 2013 (EHCI), Finland’s healthcare system is the tenth best in Europe. The index is based on a study carried out by the Health Consumer Powerhouse who have evaluated the health systems of 35 different European countries.

The assessed contries have been evaluted on 48 different factors such as: access to treatment (waiting lists), patients’ rights and information, prevention and medical treatments.a

The report concluded that Finland is the European leader in terms of value for money health treatment and has established itself as a leader and an example to follow as top medical outcomes come at fairly low costs.

However, the Index report also criticizes Finland’s healthcare system for being slighlty “old-style” because it has emerged that national bodies have not been paying a great deal of attention to its user-friendliness aspect, which means that patients still have to wait a long time for access to treatment, dental care is limited and people still have to pay from their own pockets for drugs in a much larger proportion than in other Scandinavian countries.

The European leader determined by this year’s report is The Netherlands scoring highest (870 out of 1,000 maximum) for the fourth time in consecutive order. Second position was taken by Switzerland and was followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Finland.

Lowest scores were achieved by Romania, Portugal and Latvia.

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