Finnish Education Exported to the World

Posted by | 2nd October 2013 | Finland News

Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds are moving their focus on to education. After having collaborated for a while with organisations such as NASA, CERN and the National Geographic Society, Rovio have recently struck an agreemen with 123 Educational Development in China too.

As a result, the first Angry Birds playground will be built in Shanghai, China.

The educational concept of Rovio’s Angry Birds Playground is built in accordance with Finland’s national curriculum for kindergarten and it has been developed together with the University of Helsinki.

The project is aimed at teaching children in an interactive way. This concept lies at the heart of the success of the entire Finnish education and Rovio hope to make education in China fun, engaging and inspiring. According to Rovio, the children will be inspired into the study of languages, math, science, music and arts.

The collaboration with the University of Helsinki ensures that the children will be able to use the best research methods for their age but also teaching is done according to 21st century standards and methods.

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