Finland’s International Reputation Continues to Grow

Posted by | 27th November 2013 | Finland News

Since the late 1990s, Finland’s reputation seems to have been going up the ranks. Undergoing an N shaped curve, Finland’s position on the global map was first strengthened at the end of the 90’s with the technological boom developed by Nokia and the adherence of Finland to the European Union. The news spread quickly throughout the Western world enabling Finland to gain a stronger international position.

Following the shape of the N curve, this growth wasn’t followed by a crash but as other countries, primarily Asian, began over-taking Finland in mobile development and technology, Finland was trying to catch up and international interest began to decrease.

After a few years of lagging behind, Finland’s reputation recently started its upward trend. With the increasing number of strong start-up companies being established in Finland, the market has strengthened and started attracting a lot of global interest.

And with the emergence of bold new companies, Finnish start-ups do not lack in capital investment. Investors can recognize lucrative opportunities and given the international media reports on the Slush start-up event, their interest in Finland only continues to grow.

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