Finland – the World’s Best Place to be a Mother

Posted by | 15th July 2013 | Finland News

Save the Children have recently published a new report according to which Finland is the best country in the world to be a mother. The Finnish healthcare system is rigorously regulated and offers a great deal of pre and after-birth care and advice, placing Finland first in the top best countries for new families.

According to the State of the World’s Mothers report by Save the Children, Scandinavian countries take up the first 4 places in the top headed up by Finland.

Coming last in the ranking is the Democratic Republic of Congo which has a high maternal and infant mortality rate. The United Kingdom ranks on the 23rd position.

A recent Finnish happy mother remembers her experience whilst in the hospital before giving birth. She said the care she was given was exceptional and she received plenty of advice to help her grow her confidence in looking after her baby. The friendly and numerous staff have helped ensure that any question or concern  she had was dealt with maximum professionalism and any problems were quickly solved.

Jasmine Whitbread, the International Chief Executive of Save the Children strongly believes that by investing in mothers and their children, they invest in the prosperity of the society and future of the country.

She also claimed that despite the major progress that has been made across the world to improve childcare and maternity care, there are still countries where much more needs to be done to ensure the health and prosperity of mothers and their children.


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