Finland One of the Most Prosperous Countries in The World

Posted by | 13th November 2013 | Finland News

And yet again another impressive ranking for Finland! The Legatum Institute Prosperity Index 2013 has recently ranked Finland in the top 10 most prosperous contries in the world.

Finland was ranked eigth for overall prosperity due to a decrease in gross domestic savings, high tech exports and confidence in financial institutions, but gained two places ranking third for entrepreneurship and opportunity due to increased investments in ICT and a general belief that hard work is rewarding.

Finally, the country ranked fourth in safety and security.


The index has assessed countries over a period of five years according to a number of factors such as personal freedom, social capita, economy, overal prosperity, education, governance, health, entrepreneurship and opportunity, safety and security.

Top 10 most prosperous countries:

1. Norway

2. Switzerland

3. Canada

4. Sweden

5. New Zealand

6. Denmark

7. Australia

8. Finland

9. Netherlands

10. Luxembourg

Countries not included in the rank are countries impacted of war or countries with poor education and limited freedom of expression. Such countries include Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Afghanistan and Yemen.

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