Finland Leveraging Its Global Asset: Clean Food!

Posted by | 16th October 2013 | Finland News

Finland has one main global asset and they know it: clean and authentic food! In today’s society, global consumers are increasingly more demanding in terms of food quality and are gradually willing to pay more for it.

Food and drinks originating from Finland are premium quality and authentic tasting as artificial flavours are taste enhancers are rarely used. In addition to this, pollution in Finland is at the lowest level recorded in Europe. Moreover, Finland holds another major advantage as genetically modifying food is illegal, unlike in the United States where 80% of the food sold contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

GMO-free food has become an expensive treat and the demand for such food is growing at a 30% rate, according to the latest statistics.

Consumers are now willing to pay twice or even three times more for authentic, healthy food. As genetically modified food becomes more and more available, the price for it falls as opposed to the cost of authentic, GMO-free food which will become less and less available.

Finland has a strong position on GMO-free food and one of the reasons the nation has committed to be a GMO-free zone is the fact that labour costs are high in Finland and therefore it could never compete with other companies selling generically modified food which have to compete against one another on low prices around the world. Jobs in Finland could thus become scarce.

If French food equates to delicious food, Finnish food could mean clean, healthy, GMO-free food.

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