Finland Encourages People to Become Energy Entrepreneurs

Posted by | 30th October 2013 | Finland News

Finland is looking at adopting an even more eco-friendly way of living for the future where energy will be generated by the sun and from algal cultures. Is it estimated that by 2040 Finland will have generated so much sustainable energy that the most energy efficient households will be able to sell it to neighbours.

Research has been conducted in order to see how the daily life of a typical Finnish family will change in the future. For this research, a team of three university students from different fields have been recruited by Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation – to study the way life will change by 2040.

Althought the study has been based on a fictional family case, the research includes real factors from current living circumstances. Marleena Ahonen, a technology student from Aalto University who has been in charge of environmental aspects believes this research will offer enough guidance to create a greener future for Finland. She further explains that in addition to the rapid development of technological solutions, concepts such as ownership are likely to change too as people will become more likely to share eco-friendly equipment such as cars or even household goods.

Whilst most environmental talk seems to be revolving around the concept of zero-energy houses, the team of students are thinking about a new concept, that of plus energy houses. With this new concept, people can be encouraged to become small energy entrepreneurs who can sell their surplus of energy to neighbours. The students are therefore concerned with developing solutions which will be practical for the typical family so they are willing to adopt them!

The students further explain that energy efficiency grades of buildings don’t have to determined by legislation but should be driven by the demand of the consumers. People are undoubtedly becoming more and more concerned with energy efficiency and they are likely to want to contribute and compete with others in new ways of saving more by becoming more eco-friendly.

A new vision

The expertise for advanced eco-friendly solutions is already in place as eco-friendly urban villages are being built in Helsinki relying purely on highly advanced ecologically sustainable solutions.

Reijo Kangas, Director from Tekes says that eco-friendliness can be seen in many ways, from building materials to traffic lighting. He further explains that Finland already has a strong expertise in this field and the goal is to present people with smarter solutions for the future!

The home of the future can be a zero waste house where no energy is left to go to waste. The mother of a fictional Finnish family is a real energy queen who makes efficient use of the energy generated by a solar cell sunshade, among other things.

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