Employment Projections in Finland for 2013 – 2014

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According to the latest forecast published in May by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland’s unemployment rate in 2013 will rise to 8.4% and should continue near this level in 2014 as short-term employment prospects in Finland are expected to weaken.

These employment projections for jobs in Finland are attributed to a downturn in the economy since autumn last year that is expected to continue. It is probable, however, that there will be some improvement in 2014, with the number of unemployed people in Finland projected to be in the region of 286,000, around 4,000 fewer than in 2013. The worst affected areas are likely to be Lapland, Pirkanmaa, Southeast Finland and Uusimaa.

Finland’s employment projections forecast that, for the next two years, the average length of time spent unemployed in the country will increase and that the number of long-term unemployment rate will rise. It also says that there will be an increase in the rate of Finland’s unemployment in the 15 to 24-year-old age group in 2013 but this should see a slight fall in 2014. Time unemployed for this age group will remain short. The situation is less promising for the over 50s. Unemployment for this age group has been high for a considerable time and is expected to remain so.

Sector by sector, the forecast predicts:

  • Service sector jobs – a fall in employment in the service sector is expected in 2013, but job numbers should return to their previous levels next year.
  • Construction jobs – the construction industry is expected to remain stable so there should be little change in job numbers and employment levels.
  • Industry jobs – employment in the industrial sector will fall but will not see the same level of job losses that were suffered during the 2009-2010 recession. Recovery to previous job levels, however, is not expected until at least 2015.

Although these figures don’t present a very positive prospect for people looking for jobs in Finland in 2013 in these specific sectors, they are only an overview of Finland’s employment projections for this year and the next.

At Work in Finland we have seen a surge in demand for jobs in education as well as in sectors such as IT and medicine so projections might change over the next few months.

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