Work in Finland

Kela, the Social Insurance Institution in Finland has begun work on a proposal that would ensure a national minimum income for all Finnish citizens. If implemented, the new programme would offer people a tax-free income of 800 Euros a month, replacing thus the current social benefits system in Finland. Any income exceeding this amount would […]

Oulu stands out in Finland and Scandinavia by being a highly competitive start-up area where it is believed that the start up scene will bring even more jobs than were lost by the recession. Known as the capital of Northern Scandinavia, Oulu has set to become a highly entrepreneurial and globally competitive city which will […]

The global search engine giant, Google has recently announced that they are extending their operations in Hamina, Finland. The company has acquired an old paper mill and are working to build new service halls. The new center total surface will cover just over 2.5 hectares. The old Summa paper mill will be completely transformed to […]

Ever wondered why Scandinavia is so famous for its strawberries and other forest berries? Hard to imagine that a region with low average temperatures throughout the year would be such a massive producer of these environmentally sensitive fruits. Let’s face it, when you hear the words “strawberry farmâ€� you’re probably thinking Spain, Italy or Greece. […]

Finland has a great deal to offer to potential workers from overseas. It is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunity for recreation and sport and has a rich cultural life. And, of course, the education system is highly regarded, so expatriates need have no worries concerning their children. Throw in first class working conditions […]

Before heading off to Finland to work, it is essential that everyone finds out a little about their future destination and what they can expect to find there. Employment law, in particular, is one aspect that all workers should look at before committing to a move. For anyone considering looking for work in Finland, here […]

On 6th of December, Finland’s Independence Day, we are offering to all recruiters the chance to post up to 100 jobs on our website FREE of charge! This is a limited time offer, so hurry! Just sign up as an EMPLOYER on the 6th of December, get the FREE “Independence DAY” package and you can […]

There is a high level of demand for staff in the following sectors: Medical Sector, with jobs as doctors, nurses, practical nurses, dentists and psychologists in Finland being on big demand; Education Sector, a great demand for Special education teachers and Nursery school teachers; Finance Sector, most jobs in need of personnel are the Accountants/Payroll accountants in […]

The standard working hours in Finland are 8 hours per day, adding up to 40 hours per week. Business hours are generally from 08:00 to 16:15 – government agencies and most institutions follow these hours – banks are open until 16:30 and most business is done Monday to Friday. However, shops are generally open during […]

Employment Finland has a fairly high unemployment rate, so it can be very difficult for foreign nationals to find jobs there, particularly if they are unable to speak Finnish. However, there are labour shortages in some occupational sectors, particularly in the cities. It is expected that there will be a high demand in the near […]