Energy charged particles originating in the magnetosphere and in solar winds are directed by the earth’s magnetic field and collide with atoms high in the atmosphere to produce a light effect. This is the rather dull scientific explanation for the stunning beauty of what is known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The Northern […]

Oulu stands out in Finland and Scandinavia by being a highly competitive start-up area where it is believed that the start up scene will bring even more jobs than were lost by the recession. Known as the capital of Northern Scandinavia, Oulu has set to become a highly entrepreneurial and globally competitive city which will […]

When you think of beaches, the Mediterranean probably comes to mind or the great beaches of Malibu, Waikiki or Bondi. It’s highly unlikely that you’d think of beaches like Degersand in Finland or Aakrogen in Denmark which are actually some of the best in Europe. Due to their location in the northern hemisphere many people […]

Citizens coming to Denmark even for a short period of time and take up employment are required to obtain a visa. However, Denmark has made a series of treaties with different countries and as a result, there are no general rules for determining which citizens require visas and work permits. There is an official list […]

Finland is a worker friendly country and annually is home to about 2,000 workers who come to Finland for seasonal work. However, there are strict work regulations in place so please read below: A. EU members Citizens of countries members of the European Union do not need a visa to work in Finland as long […]

Each year, around 15,000 workers come to Norway in relation to seasonal work in agriculture. The majority of these are citizens of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and most commonly sought after jobs are berry and mushroom picking. A. EU country members: All EEA nationals can work in Norway without permit. However, they must register […]

Sweden is one of the world’s most worker friendly countries and the largest group of foreign nationals coming to Sweden during the fruit picking season are Thai. However, many other nationals arrive from a multitude of European countries. See below for work permit regulations for fruit pickers in Sweden: A. Non-EU country members Visas for […]

Not many people probably know that Scandinavia is home to about 40 varieties of delicious berries. The berry picking season starts end of May and ends late August and berry picking has become one of the most loved activities in northern Europe. Families with children stock up on plastic buckets and head for the forests […]

Ever wondered why Scandinavia is so famous for its strawberries and other forest berries? Hard to imagine that a region with low average temperatures throughout the year would be such a massive producer of these environmentally sensitive fruits. Let’s face it, when you hear the words “strawberry farmâ€� you’re probably thinking Spain, Italy or Greece. […]