Finland News

The Finnish Confectionery producer, Fazer has made history by receiving its second European Candy Kettle Award for prestigious work in the confectionery sweets industry. The European Candy Kettle Group consists of members of trade press as well as representatives of the confectionery industry. According to a recent press release, this is only the second time […]

Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds are moving their focus on to education. After having collaborated for a while with organisations such as NASA, CERN and the National Geographic Society, Rovio have recently struck an agreemen with 123 Educational Development in China too. As a result, the first Angry Birds playground will be built in […]

Relaxbirth have successfully desgined new equipment which is meant to ease the process of giving birth on both mothers as well as midwives. The equipment was designed in order to allow mothers move around and choose the best birthing position for them, improving thus the delivery process. At the same time, midwives are able to […]

The VTT, Finland’s Technical Research Centre has recently announced that they have been working on developing a new type of hard metal which could replace tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a widely used material, however, its resources are gradually becoming limited. The new type of metal developed by the VTT has impressive bullet–proofing qualities in […]

Blindsquare – a digital app designed to help people with visual impairment and Kinetic Stories – a children’s animated book stories have been nominated for an international app competition. Nominees were invited from 168 countries and 5 winners were selected for each of the eight different categories of the awards organised by the World Summit […]

A Finnish international consulting and engineering company, Poyry has recently received an order contracted at 40 million Euros from Saudi Electricity Company. Poyry  provides consulting and engineering services across a wide range of sectors such as transmission and distribution, forestry, electricity and power generation, mining industry, transportation and real estate. Poyry currently employs 6,500 people and has established […]

Yet again, another good ranking for Finland which has recently been ranked 5th in the world for children health equality by the World Vision’s Global Health Gap Index. The aim of the organisation is to identify the level of healthcare access throughout the world. The findings of this year’s report were meant to analyse causes […]

According to the recently published World Happiness Report 2013, Finland is the 7th happiest country in the world. 156 countries took part in the survey which looks at factors such as: GDP per capita, prevalance of generosity, perceptions of corruption, freedom for life choices, social support, and healthy life expectancy. This report was published last […]

According to The Global Competitiveness Report published by World Economic Forum, Finland is ranking again in top spots. This year, Finland is the 3rd most competitive country in the world. Switzerland has remained in the top spot, for the 5th consecutive time whilst Singapore ranks second. The competitiveness among participating countries has been fiercer than […]

Cytomed, a Russian pharmaceutical company has recently been granted permission to built its own factory in Lappeenranta, Finland. Cytomed will be the first Russian company to operate in Finland and has already been given permission to operate by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. The company is expected to being its activity in the spring of […]