Finland Immigration

BUY NOW – Guide to Being Finnish Finland is a gorgeous country to visit, becoming an increasingly more and more popular destination to live or visit. The Finnish culture and identify is European and there are very little chances for any visitors to commit major gaffes that would irreparably damage relationships between himself or herself […]

Finland is a worker friendly country and annually is home to about 2,000 workers who come to Finland for seasonal work. However, there are strict work regulations in place so please read below: A. EU members Citizens of countries members of the European Union do not need a visa to work in Finland as long […]

Finland has a great deal to offer to potential workers from overseas. It is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunity for recreation and sport and has a rich cultural life. And, of course, the education system is highly regarded, so expatriates need have no worries concerning their children. Throw in first class working conditions […]

Before heading off to Finland to work, it is essential that everyone finds out a little about their future destination and what they can expect to find there. Employment law, in particular, is one aspect that all workers should look at before committing to a move. For anyone considering looking for work in Finland, here […]

The standard working hours in Finland are 8 hours per day, adding up to 40 hours per week. Business hours are generally from 08:00 to 16:15 – government agencies and most institutions follow these hours – banks are open until 16:30 and most business is done Monday to Friday. However, shops are generally open during […]

Immigrating to a foreign country is always difficult and often people get overwhelmed by the wealth of information they have to take in and the strict immigration laws. Finland is no exception and we have decided to put together this short guide as a result of the many enquiries we have received from our visitors […]

Employment Finland has a fairly high unemployment rate, so it can be very difficult for foreign nationals to find jobs there, particularly if they are unable to speak Finnish. However, there are labour shortages in some occupational sectors, particularly in the cities. It is expected that there will be a high demand in the near […]

Using the Employment and Economic Development Office services for immigrants If you are a jobseeker, you should register with an Employment and Economic Development Office (te Office) as soon as you have moved to Finland. You will find one near you almost everywhere in Finland. The largest te Offices have Eures advisers and other advisers […]

The Finnish Integration Act aims at helping immigrants participate in the Finnish society in the same way as every- one else living in Finland. Immigrants in the working age are supported in accessing working life. This speeds up the integration process, at the same time ensuring that the immigrants’ competence and education are utilised by the […]

It is a good idea to start looking for a job in Finland before you actually arrive in the country, for example, by checking out the basic information available on the Internet. The website of the Employment and Economic Development Office (the Office) provides information about jobs, the Office services, the permits required and the […]