Using the Employment and Economic Development Office services for immigrants If you are a jobseeker, you should register with an Employment and Economic Development Office (te Office) as soon as you have moved to Finland. You will find one near you almost everywhere in Finland. The largest te Offices have Eures advisers and other advisers […]

The Finnish Integration Act aims at helping immigrants participate in the Finnish society in the same way as every- one else living in Finland. Immigrants in the working age are supported in accessing working life. This speeds up the integration process, at the same time ensuring that the immigrants’ competence and education are utilised by the […]

It is a good idea to start looking for a job in Finland before you actually arrive in the country, for example, by checking out the basic information available on the Internet. The website of the Employment and Economic Development Office (the Office) provides information about jobs, the Office services, the permits required and the […]

Finland, too, is about to undergo a period when the baby-boom generations will be retiring. This will mean a downturn in the supply of labour, although career length is expected to continue to increase in Finland. Job crea- tion is anticipated to be especially strong in healthcare and social work as well as in services […]