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BUY NOW – Guide to Being Finnish Finland is a gorgeous country to visit, becoming an increasingly more and more popular destination to live or visit. The Finnish culture and identify is European and there are very little chances for any visitors to commit major gaffes that would irreparably damage relationships between himself or herself […]

If you are planning a trip to Finland, it’s always good to know a few words and phrases in the local language. Your pronunciation will probably be wrong and you’re sure to have trouble when someone answers you, but you can rest assured that your efforts will be appreciated and you’ll find the locals become […]

Based on the results of a 2010 study, America’s Newsweek magazine rated Finland as the ‘World’s Best Country’. Newsweek looked at 100 countries and compared their health, economy, education, quality of life and politics. Finland emerged in the top spot mainly by virtue of its strength in education and quality of life. The accolade probably […]

How to Claim Unemployment in Finland

Posted by | 23rd October 2013 | Career Advice

Labour markets are tight all around the world so unemployment is a sad fact of life everywhere, but as in many countries, Finnish workers have access to financial assistance in the event they find themselves out of work. Claiming unemployment in Finland is a relatively simple process. The body responsible for the unemployed is Kela, […]

5 Best Expat Jobs Around The World

Posted by | 21st October 2013 | Why not Finland

People choose to work abroad for many reasons. In most cases, there is the lure of good money and a better lifestyle than they could get at home. For others, especially independent young people with no family responsibilities, the chance to see some of the world is the main attraction. According to a recent HSBC […]

Energy charged particles originating in the magnetosphere and in solar winds are directed by the earth’s magnetic field and collide with atoms high in the atmosphere to produce a light effect. This is the rather dull scientific explanation for the stunning beauty of what is known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The Northern […]

Despite the meaning of its name, Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s Lake) National Park is a top destination among even international tourists. Hell’s Lake National Park offers green forests and fresh air to feast your senses, being located approximately 80 kilometres north of the city of Tampere. The beauty of Hell’s Lake comes from deep lines and despite […]

Helsinki Festival is one of the biggest summer festivals in Finland and comprises of hundreds of events which span over 18 days, beginning with the date of 15th August. This event can gather up more than 49,000 people! However, for the ones keen on less crowded places, August brings a lot of single events too […]

Oulu stands out in Finland and Scandinavia by being a highly competitive start-up area where it is believed that the start up scene will bring even more jobs than were lost by the recession. Known as the capital of Northern Scandinavia, Oulu has set to become a highly entrepreneurial and globally competitive city which will […]