Birthing Finnish Equipment Heads for the Middle East

Posted by | 1st October 2013 | Finland News

Relaxbirth have successfully desgined new equipment which is meant to ease the process of giving birth on both mothers as well as midwives.

The equipment was designed in order to allow mothers move around and choose the best birthing position for them, improving thus the delivery process. At the same time, midwives are able to oversee everything from an ergonomic position at optimal height. The device was designed by Eija Pessinen, an experienced midwife who wanted to simply improve the process of birthing.

The demand for the device has already gone global and a recent deal has been struck between Relaxbirth (the company who developed and designed the equipment) and the giant Atlas Medical LLC.

The deal is worth half a million Euros and the equipment is going to be sent to maternity hospitals in the Arab Emirates where many new hospitals are keen to offer their patients the best technological medical equipment in order to improve the delivery process.

Next on the list of international development sits Qatar which has also been in discussions with Relaxbirth about distributions of the equipment.

Negotiations with potential partners in the USA too have taken place and an agreement has been made with Global Connection Inc who is contracted to find suitable partners and investors for Relaxbirth in the USA.

The company has received many international accolades being named by Red Herring as one of the most promising technological companies and having won the ScanBalt HealthPort innovation competition.

Eija Pessinen was also named the Inventor of the Year in 2009 by the European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network.

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