Berry Picking Season in Finland!

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July marks the beginning of the berry picking season in Finland when every year both families and fruit pickers head to the Finnish forests in search for the delicious berries.

After an unusual start of the summer with very high temperatures followed by heavy rain and then yet again hot weather, people are finally ready to taste the famous Finnish berries! Despite the fact that this year’s harvest seems paler than last year’s, every year the Finnish forests produce at least 450 million kilos of berries which is then exported or sent to Scandinavian jam companies for the production of world renowned jams, marmalade and fruit juices.

Finland is the world leader in the development of health-enhancing foods and is home to rare berries which are often classified as “superfoods�: lingonberry, blueberry, cloudberry, crowberry, cranberry and rowanberry. Finnish berries are generally smaller but are packed full with vitamins, sweet flavours and flavonoids which are all essential for the human body.

But the berry picking season is also a major contributor to Finland’s economy. Not only is it highly popular among families to head to the forests with their baskets and spend a lovely day out with their children, but in recent years it has become a sustainable business, creating jobs for thousands of fruit pickers and resulting in millions of Euros profit for the country.

Every summer, thousands of fruit pickers come to Finland to pick and sell these berries. It is estimated that around 2,500 foreign workers are expected in Finland during this season with the majority of them usually arriving from as far as Thailand. Fruit pickers from other European countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Italy are also expected.

And because no specific skills are required for a fruit picking job apart from comfortable shoes, everyone is welcome to start their berry picking adventure in Finland!

If you are interested in Finnish fruit picking season, apply today for our available fruit picking jobs:

Fruit picker jobs

Strawberry and berry picker jobs

And here are a few tips for picking berries in Finland:


  • Pick only ripe fruits
  • Place berries in clean plastic containers
  • Respect other pickers and private properties


  • Use plastic bags and don’t pour berries from one container to another
  • Pick fruits too close to private properties or homes
  • Disturb breeding birds
  • Leave litter or make noise

And finally, a few pictures to help you distinguish between the multitude of berries:

Blackberries Loganberry Crowberry Lingonberry Blueberry Cloudberry Cranberry Rowanberry


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