Amazing Beaches in Northern Europe? Yes, they’re real!

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When you think of beaches, the Mediterranean probably comes to mind or the great beaches of Malibu, Waikiki or Bondi.

It’s highly unlikely that you’d think of beaches like Degersand in Finland or Aakrogen in Denmark which are actually some of the best in Europe. Due to their location in the northern hemisphere many people would probably not find it easy to believe that truly beautiful beaches are some of the hidden gems of Scandinavia.

Here are just a few of the best beaches in Scandinavia fit to rival the best in the world:


With its long sandy coastline, Denmark boasts a number of excellent beaches within easy reach of most parts of the country:

  • Klitmoller – nicknamed ‘Cold Hawaii’, Klitmoller Beach is famed for its waves and surf and has summerhouses available for tourists to rent. It has hosted national and international surfing and kite-surfing competitions and even boasts a live web-cam to enable surfers to check sea conditions.
  • Aakrogen – popular with bathers and windsurfers, Aakrogen Beach is located by Aarhus Bay. It is reached via a short stroll through beautiful Nordic forest.


Sweden has a relatively modest rainfall and lots of summer sun, so the locals love the beach, and what beaches they have to choose from:

  • Tylosand – the main beach of Halmstad on Sweden’s west coast. With miles of sand and pristine waters it is hugely popular. And, after dark, it is a great place to enjoy a drink at one of the many beachside bars.

  • Sudersand – found on the island of Faro in the Baltic Sea around 200kms south of Stockholm, Sudersand can be reached by ferry. It may take some effort to get there but the journey is definitely worth it as this beautiful beach has something for everyone, with swimming, boats for hire, accommodation cabins and excellent windsurfing.


Summer visitors to Finland are able to enjoy stunning lakes and magnificent forests while in the winter there are snow, skiing and the northern lights. But there is more to life in Finland than scenery and snow; there are some superb beaches too:

  • Degersand – found at the western end of Eckero, the largest of the Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea a short flight away from Helsinki, Degersand Beach is renowned for sand, wind and waves and is a popular spot with kayakers and windsurfers. The sunsets are magnificent and you are allowed to camp overnight.

  • Yvteri – Yvteri Beach on Finland’s west coast is located close to the town of Pori. It is great for sun and surf and you can also play volleyball or enjoy a round of golf. And, if you prefer your beach experience to be au naturelle, then Yvteri is perfect, as part of the beach is designated a nude area.
  • Hietaniemi – known as Hietsu to the locals, Hietaniemi Beach is the most popular in Helsinki. It has sun and sand and the water is calm and warm. It’s a great place to relax, swim and enjoy beach sports.


Norway is better known for its stunning fiords but it has some lovely beaches too:

  • Stavanger – Norway’s southern city of Stavanger boasts a number of glorious white sandy beaches within easy reach. Solastrand, a great swimming spot, is a quiet, west-facing bay just 14kms from the city, while Godalen is part of a larger recreational area with walking tracks and play areas for children.
  • Huk – found at Bygdoy Peninsular just a stone’s throw from Oslo, Huk Beach is a popular recreational area that is popular all year round. There is also a nude beach nearby for naturists.

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