Advertise with Us is an website that provides up to date information about working, studying and living in Finland. Our aim is to help people relocating to Finland for work or by personal choice to find out what they need to know about Finland, from costs of living with daily expenses to work laws concerning work permits, visas and student residence permits.

We also maintain a job board where any company looking to recruit skilled individuals can post their vacancies. There are many sectors that jobs can be posted in and the most popular categories we are seeing a big demand for are finance, education, agriculture, construction, health, hospitality and IT.

Why advertise with

  • A unique branding opportunity
  • A link from your advert to your website
  • Access to detailed advertising reports on request
  • 50.000+ unique visitors in the past year ( march 2013 – march 2014 )
  • 18.000+ pageviews per week ( that’s 70.000+ ad views per month )
Our Top 10 countries where our visitors are coming from:

Top 10 Countries where our visitors are coming from

Top 10 Countries where our visitors are coming from

How many page views do we get?

As you can see in the graphic below our weekly page views were around 9k – 10k at the beginning of October 2013, and now they are in the 15k zone, as stated on March 2014. Our traffic keeps on growing and we expect to double this in the next year, to 25k – 30k per week. Pageviews for the past 6 months Pageviews between October 2013 – March 2014

August 2014 update:

As we expected our traffic continues to grow and now it reaches somewhere between 15k to 23k weekly.

mar14-aug14 Pageviews between March 2014 – August 2014


Where can I advertise?

At the moment the only place where you can advertise is the TOP banner, that is visible on every page of our website.

Add Placement on

Add Placement on

If you need a quote, you can contact us at with as much details as possible. ( eg. how long would you like the ad for, any specific requirements )