800 Million Euro Investment in Finland from Google

Posted by | 18th November 2013 | Finland News

It has recently been announced that Google, the global search engine company is going to invest an additional 450 million Euros in Finland in the next several years.

The money is required for the building of the new data centre in Hamina which is being built on the site of an old paper mill.

Anni Ronkainen, country manager at Google says that the requirement for Youtube and Gmail services continues to grow and hence Google needs to spend hundreds of millions of Euros in order to maintain the hardware and software required in its data centres in Europe.

Since the beginning of 2011 when Google first started operating in Finland, the company has been employing more and more staff. Currently, Google is employing more than 125 staff in its data centre and with the opening of the new centre, up to 800 more people will be employed at the plant.


But Google isn’t the only technology company interested in opening centres in Finland. Microsoft (the global software company) and Yandex (Russia’s biggest search engine company) have both confirmed their intention to invest hundreds of millions of Euros to build their own data centres in Finland.

Scandinavian countries such as Finland are seen as good countries to run data centres from due to the low cost required for cooling and availability of water power. Google stated that its Hamina centre would be one of their most advanced ones because of its use of seawater in the cooling process enabling the company to massively reduce their costs. In addition to this, the company have also confirmed their intention to build a wind farm in Hamina too to generate power for the data centre.

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