6 Medals for Finland in WorldSkills Competition

Posted by | 15th August 2013 | Finland News

This year, Leipzig, Germany was the host of the WorldSkills Competition which was held in early July. The competition ended with accolades for Finland whose team brought home not less than 6 medals: three bronze, two silver and one gold!

Around 1,000 participants from 50 countries took part in this year’s WorldSkills Competition which covered 46 activities of which Finland received medals for:

fashion technology with Tytti Hongisto being named world champion

cabinetmaking with Antrei Hartikainen earning a silver medal

health and social care with Anna Blubaum fighting for another silver medal for Finland

aircraft maintenance with Soila Korhonen earning a bronze medal

floristry with Säde Tilsala earning another bronze medal for team Finland

– and steel construction work in which Joonas Innanen was awarded another bronze medal for Finland.

There were 43 members initially in team Finland who competed in 38 different fields. A further 19 members were awarded a diploma meaning they exceeded the maximum number of points for their respective activity.

Seija Rasku, Chair of the Board of Skills Finland and Honorary Counsellor from the Ministry of Education and Culture explains that Finnish people are deeply proud of their education system as well as their vocational training programmes and suggests that they are always on the look-out for top expertise as they aim to become the world’s most skilled country by 2020.

Finland is working hard to improve the initiative and spirit of co-operation of young people in order to help achieve this challenging task.

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