5 Best Expat Jobs Around The World

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People choose to work abroad for many reasons. In most cases, there is the lure of good money and a better lifestyle than they could get at home. For others, especially independent young people with no family responsibilities, the chance to see some of the world is the main attraction.

According to a recent HSBC Bank International study, the best place for expatriates who want to earn high salaries and enjoy the lifestyles that go with them is Singapore.

The United Arab Emirates and the United States follow, are tied in second place, with Belgium, Hong Kong and the Scandinavian countries also ranking in the top 10. These might be great places to live and below is a list of a few expat jobs that are worth considering.


1. Chartered Accountant

Numbers are universal and with the world economic situation remaining uncertain, Chartered Accountants are in demand. Salaries vary widely with the role but accountants can expect very good remuneration, often in excess of US$100, 000 a year at senior level in the United States.

2. Psychiatrist

For a job that pays very well in one of the best countries to work as an expatriate, it’s hard to look past psychiatry. In the United States, psychiatrists earn an average of around US$160,000 a year – clearly very good work if you can get it.

3. English teacher

The English language is in demand all around the world so for native speakers there are employment opportunities virtually everywhere. A qualification in teaching English as a second language and some experience will almost guarantee employment – a degree qualification is even better. Well-qualified teachers can earn over US$6,000 a month in Hong Kong (along with other benefits). Similar salaries are available in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States with the added benefit of being tax-free.

4. Tourism Australia


Following on from its 2009 campaign to find a Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef, Tourism Australia has invited applications from 18 to 30 year-olds for six posts around Australia ranging from Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne to Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia and Chief Funster in New South Wales. These short-term posts offer a fantastic opportunity for young people looking for adventure in a new country whilst working against a very laid back schedule.

5. Yacht crew

There are super yachts belonging to the rich and famous sailing around the world all the time – and they all need professional crews. Could there be a better way to see the world and get paid for it? Salaries are variable but crews get to rub shoulders with some of the richest folk around and to see the most extravagant of the world’s resorts.

Opportunities for work overseas abound for those who are suitably qualified. From places like Finland, where shortages in healthcare are expected in the next few years, to South Africa, where engineers are currently in demand, finding the best expat job doesn’t have to be difficult.

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